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Stainless steel bellows
Bellows KUZE

For metal bellows, KUZE is the obvious choice.
KUZE BELLOWS was formed as a pioneer bellows company in 1939,
and is highly regarded both abroad and at home.
Since our foundation, we have been challenging ourselves to serve our customers
by creating new value in our products, as a standard brand in world's bellows industry.

One of our challenges is out-and-out persistence in achieving "world-level quality."
To fullfill the desire and to meet the high-tech needs of today's customers at all times,
we have been reviewing our manufacturing process, our equipment, the materials we use,
as well as our manufacturing technologies.

Furthermore, using the know-how that we have acquired over
our long history of manufacturing bellows,
we have started to develop associated products based on our own technology,
which includes the plastic processing of special metal, precision processing, super-deep drawing,
and bulge forming techniques. We strongly support various industries,
with a special emphasis on the high-tech industry.
For all your needs in metal bellows and products which use bellows manufacturing technology
and know-how, you can rely on us at KUZE BELLOWS.

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