When inquiring about bellows, please use the names and explanations given in the following specifications.

Spring rate N/mm Load per unit displacement
Effective area cm2 Pressurized area in the axial direction
Extent of flexibility mm/MPa Displacement per unit pressure
Maximum external pressure MPa External pressure which causes deformation when the bellows are fixed
Maximum internal pressure MPa Internal pressure which causes deformation when the bellows are fixed
Permissible elasticity mm Displacement which causes a large degree of residual displacement when there is expansion and contraction
Range of working pressure MPa Range of external or internal pressure used
Elasticity in operation mm Elastic length of bellows in operation
Elongation & shrinkage + , - mm Elongation and shrinkage from the total length in operation
Lateral displacement mm Amount of axis movement on lateral displacement
Anglar displacement degree Angle of axle which is bent
State of installation at both ends Details about the ends: whether they are free, rotary, fixed, or fixed mobile
Range of temperature used degree Range of temperature used
Media used inside Media which are used inside
Media used outside Media which are used outside
Corrosive action of media used Extent of corrosive action of media used
Vibration (Hz) Frequency, etc. when vibration occurs
Designed life cycle cycle Number of cycles of operation during which breakage does not occur