Select the optimum junction method according to the shape, strength, functional quality, cost, etc.
(About end shapes, refer to following pages. Hydroformed bellows , Rolled-formed bellows)

Low temperature solder Soft solder, etc. Soldering iron,High frequency heating,Resistance heating,Burner heating,Furnace heating
High temperature solder Silver solder, etc. High frequency heating,Burner heating,Furnace heating
Bonding junction Adhesive, etc. Room temperature curing type,Thermosetting type,Instantaneous type
Welding - TIG,Spot welding,Projection,Laser,Electron beam
Caulking - Caulking at the end of bellows or parts

type A&T type B&C type D&E

type A&T type B&E

type C&F type T

type A&B type T&F

Laser + TIG Welding

Silver solder + projection + caulking and soldering