Metal bellows are gaining attention as a high-quality, promising part in various fields,because of their adjustable elasticity, bendability, and high hermeticity.
As specialists in metal bellows manufacturing, our mission is to meet the needs for advanced and diverse bellows with ultra precision, and to rapidly fill small lot orders at low cost for our mainstays of
hydroformed bellows, welded bellows and rolled-formed bellows.

Previously, an enormous switch system the size of a living room was required to control the electrical equipment of large buildings. This was not only a waste of space, but it also required a lot of work and time to administer the equipment. At KUZE BELLOWS we conduct joint research with customers manufacturers to develop original barrel-shaped bellows. We have developed integrated switch gears with a volume that is only one quarter (a space reduction of 75%) of that of conventional equipment.

As super-large tanks for chlorine gas and oil were highly corrosive, it was absolutely indispensable to install highly functional leak-proof and corrosion-resistant valves in manufacturing and fire fighting equipment. KUZE BELLOWS technology is used for the leading-edge piping bellows seal glove valves that were developed to meet the needs of that time.

Metal bellows have the following characteristics, which are determined by the manufacturing method. Please select the optimum bellows depending on how they are to be used.

Outside and inside diameter Small diameter can be manufactured. Large diameter can be manufactured. Small diameter cannot be manufactured well.
Size flexibility Inside diameter is limited. Outside diameter is relatively free. Any size can be selected. Limited
Number of convolutions Limited Limited Unlimited
Wall thickness Can be thin Thick bellows can be manufactured well. Limited
Elongating elasticity Good Good Limited
Shrinking elasticity Good Good Shrinkable nearly to thickness of itself
Materials used Various kinds of malleable and ductile materials can be used. Various kinds of malleable and ductile materials can be used. Weldable materials
Easiness of cleaning Easy Easy Difficult
Breakage caused by residual substances Relatively little Relatively little Depends on use
Plating Possible Possible Impossible
Resistance to pressure Relatively good Usable for high-pressured item Depends on conditions of use
Mass production Mass producible For small production For small production
Price Cost-effective Relatively expensive Expensive